Also I thought that it would be a good chance to find my Father’s birthplace in Japan’s northern most island, Hokkaido. His parents had been Presbyterian missionaries in Hokkaido for two years, giving birth to the Big Cheese there. Soon after returning to the U.S., Grandpa died and all the information of my father’s birthplace slowly evaporated. All except one sketch Grandma drew of a distinct coastal scene near where they were living. With sketch in hand, I thought, surely I could find the location.

And of course, like all good stories, there is… a girl. Let’s take a quick trip back in time to 1978 in the southern most tip of Argentina, where George Meegan and his Japanese fiancé Yoshiko Matsumoto began what would be the longest unbroken walk in recorded history, spanning 19,019 miles, taking nearly 7 years, and eventually ending in northern Alaska. It was on this epic journey that Ayumi Meegan was conceived.